And it just keeps going..

Winter is still going strong around here, 2.5 months after my last post. I had one of the best days of the season just the other day, April 14th. A bluebird powder day. Being from the Northwest, those are still a glorious thing to me. They just never get old, it’s like all the stars aligned and you can do anything . This time of year is tough because things are slowing down, but then you get those surprise, sleeper, powder days and it takes you back to mid-winter, you aren’t ready for it to end! Then you get all the in between days, rainy, windy, not much going on kinda days where you just wish the seasons would make up their minds. I keep forgetting it’s mid-April though, thus procrastinating on my moves for summer. Which mostly consist of locking down a job. I want to go back up to Alaska and fish. I just have to get on a boat first! I need to get on it because with storms continuing to be in the forecast, and the snow sticking around, it’s going to be June before I know it, and I definitely need to have something set up by then.


On another note, I got accepted to SNC and made my first pitch to a magazine 🙂 I have no idea what I am going to do with the school thing at the moment, mainly because I may be working when it starts because they are on a semester schedule and, well, I will need that money pretty dang bad if I am going to be going to school. I’ve got a few things to figure out that is for sure! As for the pitch, I don’t know if I will hear anything back, but I am proud of myself for finally submitting it because I have been thinking about it for months now. Even if I hear a no, I won’t let it discourage me, I will pitch to others because I believe this idea has a place to go! I also have a perfect platform on which I can post it myself, I just think who and what it’s about deserves to reach more people. A small step is still a step. Sometimes I get in these ruts where I don’t know what to do, or where to go next. I overwhelm myself with possibilities and all these things I want, that I get to the point where I shut down entirely. I go the complete opposite way I should be going, I no longer want to think about any of it, and I just wait. I wait for something to magically appear, until I can get myself out of that rut and start making moves again, one at a time, one foot in front of the other. I’m hoping that submitting that pitch was a step out of that rut. Occasionally, I take a step or two out of it, and end up right back in it when I don’t have an instant result or epiphany. I give my mom a hard time about giving up too easily and wanting instant results…I’m seeing that I have that problem myself these days. I’m trying to take my own advice, which is something I think I need to do more often. It’s much easier to give it when you are removed from the situation and looking from the outside, not realizing that you are, in fact, in that same situation. Sticking with things is the only way I am ever going to get anywhere. I am so easily discouraged these days because I feel like I am constantly one step behind. I’m constantly thinking, “If only I would have figured this or that out years ago, I could be one of these successful people, now I’m just late to the party hoping to hop on the bandwagon.” My thoughts are rather contradicting, because at the same time I am such a strong believer that things happen for a reason. Bummed that I didn’t hear about a job until the application date had passed, but also thinking, that just means it wasn’t for me. Something WILL come around. I can’t ever stop believing that I will find the thing, my niche. I just need to remember that in the mean time I simply have to keep doing the things that I love, and they will eventually lead me there, to that bluebird powder day.


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