The Tahoe affect

Well I never updated on my last trip to Tahoe, but I am back in Tahoe! So how’s that for an update. Haha By the way things started I’m a little surprised I ended up back here so soon. I was starting to think that all the frustrations I had with the area before I left last Spring would pop back up instantly. But they didn’t, and when I left, I certainly didn’t feel ready to. I had a commitment at Mt. Hood though so I had to head north on the 20th, it was for a best buds 30th birthday that we had planned for a couple of months, I definitely didn’t want to miss it! However, like I said, I didn’t feel ready to leave Tahoe and I was thinking if go back up north I should hang out there for a bit and do some mountain tours up there, or at least hang out in Greenwater for a bit. I just couldn’t though. I got back to Tacoma Friday night, headed to the Oregon coast Saturday morning, then Mt. Hood Sunday-Tuesday. I did a day trip to Crystal Wednesday because I just had to get up there and really figure out where I wanted to be, so I couldn’t wait to get up there and ride and just see how everything felt. It was an awesome fun day. I rode solo for most the day then met up with Becca for a couple of runs. It was a pretty solid full day, then I went back to town so I could hang with my momma and get some stuff done down there Thursday. Friday I went back up for some more hot laps then Hilary and I did a short, mellow sunset split. It was my first split this season, unfortunately it took me to the end of January to get out there but hopefully that was the first of many. The sunset was pretty anticlimactic but I was proud of us for actually doing what we said we would the day before. It’s pretty easy for us to ride down to The Elk, have a beer and a slice then just say eh fuck it, let’s cruise down the hill to GW. I had planned on staying at least Friday night in Greenwater but after we finally got that slice and a drink, I was just ready to get down to town and not be up at the mountain on the weekend. Crystal crowds are nothing compared to Squaw crowds so I don’t know why I had such a loss of motivation to be there on a Saturday. But once I turn it off, it’s a bit hard to turn it back on. So I went down the hill. I was so ready to go back to Tahoe suddenly. I felt this giant pull to be back down here, it’s hard to explain. I just feel being immersed in a community of likeminded people is better for my mental state, my motivation, my inspiration. I mean, in Greenwater there are plenty of likeminded individuals but it’s such a small community and there simply just isn’t the opportunities right there in the vicinity of the resort as there are here in Tahoe. Pretty much anything I have thought I wanted to do, or have an interest in, is right here in arm’s length. It’s tough for me some times to think that I live a different lifestyle than the “norm” because when I spend so much time in seasonal jobs, or places, or areas like Tahoe, where it’s not a different lifestyle, people get it, they understand it…they live it. At least my best friends get it, because that’s just been me for so long now, hopping around, trying different things. I forget that some people don’t understand it or think maybe it’s just a phase and I should grow up some time and try and gain some stability. I think stability is relative. No one knows my financial state, and it’s no one’s business, but if that’s somebody’s idea of stability, well, I am well aware of that state so there is no need to worry that I can or can’t be doing what I am doing. I generally don’t talk to too many people about everything going on in my life, because my mind is always changing, so I hate to say, “oh I want to do this and be here at this time”, then literally an hour later that could all be out the window. I keep a lot of things I am doing or looking to pursue to myself until it becomes more of a serious thing because of that. So I can understand why some people might think I just live this care-free, gypsy life, fucking around, picking daisies and sliding down rainbows on my unicorn. But I do have ideas, and bigger plans, hopes & dreams. What I think the problem is, is that I have too many of those! However, I have set some-what of a base for a lot of those plans. Maybe for some I’ve only laid the most minimal foundation so far, but to me, that is still a start and better than nothing. This is why I like to try so many different things, and work so many different jobs, and get all these certifications such as my 200 hour yoga teacher cert, wilderness first responder, AIARE 1. All of these certs are the very beginnings of so many different paths I could take, the reason I pursued them all! They were the start of something! Where I choose to go with them is up to me, and I am still figuring that out. But at least I started and that’s all that matters to me. Which is what is all that should matter.

Per usual I went off on a tangent! The point of the matter, I am back in Tahoe, with no end date. Maybe the whole season, maybe not? Perhaps I’ll take trips and come back here, but for now I feel like Tahoe is my base. I want to be here right now, it shouldn’t matter too much to any one why. It’s where I’m happy for multiple reasons, that should be enough of a reason.


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