Blazin’ a new trail

OK! I did it, I fucking did it. I bought a camper. And I instantly thought, “fuck, what did I just do? I know nothing about repairing anything, or owning camper and all the mishaps that can happen with that. What if it leaks? What if the roof collapses? How the hell am I going to stay anything above absolutely frozen in the mountains this winter? At least I’ll be warm while riding so maybe that will get me out of bed early every day to hike, or ride all day just to simply be warmer than I will be in the camper.”

Yea, a wave of thoughts and fear. But I did it. And well I figure, only another fool would buy a camper in the winter without thoroughly researching if this thing will even survive a winter, so I’m kind of stuck with it. Days after it was officially loaded on to the truck Hilary and I took off to California. I was pretty terrified the entire time. The closest I’ve come to driving a loaded truck was driving with a trailer and a couple kayaks From Tahoe City to Zephyr Cove in 4th of July traffic. So, needless to say, that was a pretty slow drive. No freeways, or 30 mile long switchback, or nearly one way roads. Although, along with those two factors plus 12 hours on the freeway, it was also a very slow drive. In hindsight, though, I couldn’t be happier we left when we did, and with the camper! I feel confident in driving it around now, I’ve even been driving it around town now that I am back home for a bit. The only real downfall to that is the gas. HOLY shit the gas. I mean I knew it was going to be a huge hit, but the prior knowledge of that doesn’t make it suck any less. Now that I am home I need to get some stuff done to it to help winterize it as best I can. It’s overwhelming I don’t know where to start. My dad has been working a new job since July which involves a lot of traveling out of town and more meetings when in town, so I haven’t had him around for help as much as I would hope. That’s good and bad. It’s bad just because it makes me put things off longer, scared to tackle things alone, but good because it forces me to tackle them alone! That is what I want after all. I want to know how to do these things and be able to do them myself. I love doing things with my dad for the reason that it’s doing them with my dad, but sometimes that turns into him doing them, and me not doing much. I do try though! He can just tend to take over, or yells a lot so it’s easier to just let him yell at his tools and inanimate objects and not trying to interject. I may say this every year, that I will make this year about doing the things I say I am going to, or want to, do, and I mean it! (say that every year too). Buying this camper though may be something that forces me to get some of that shit done that I say I will do. Because things will happen that I will be forced to face right then and there. It’s the best way to learn, even though often it is a gong show when it does. You come out on the other side better and knowing more. My dad has changed my oil for me tons of times, and every time I was there, but doing it on the truck will be my first time doing it all by myself without him at least over my shoulder. It’s a big deal to me because I am just always worried the littlest thing can go wrong and I’ll blow something up haha. I felt that way a lot on the boat too this summer. I want to do things by myself but I just like having that eye in the sky to make sure nothing was missed in the process and someone or something will break. That is until I am 100% confident in a particular task.

I’m going to start with re-caulking the whole camper, just to ensure seals. The dream is to get a woodstove in there! The other day I was looking at camper renovations and man people do some crazy cool stuff! I don’t have many visions for a total revamp right now, but it would be cool to really re-do it and make it my own custom thing. For now, I will stick with putting in a stove because that will certainly take some customization. It just takes getting started, at least to the point of no return on a project, so that I have no choice but to finish it. I guess a big thing is I am just lazy, like lazy when it comes to research. I don’t want to have to read a bunch and filter through all the junk information that is on the internet. I would love someone to just tell me what to do and how to do it, but that wouldn’t really be doing it myself would it? Obviously, there are things I will want professional advice on before delving too deep. And I sometimes I think, “Well if somebody is just telling me what to do, I will still be learning, just not figuring it out myself. But I will remember how to do things in the future and what to look for.” In the end though I need to just start doing it all on my own, the other way is easier and less scary, but this is what I want. I just can’t shake that fierce desire to be totally independent.

Anyway, stay tuned for updates on the #trailblazer. I’m not totally into the name but that is the model of the camper, and it starts with a T! Tarin, Tubesocks, Tom (short for Tomatillo, the green tomato), and the Trailblazer! So I’ll keep thinking, but for now, trailblazer sticks.



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